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A Giant, Mirrored Hot Air Balloon Is Currently Traveling Over Massachusetts

Called New Horizon, the roving art installation by Doug Aitken reflects on nature and the future...

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This Artist Imagines How Nature Evolves Following an Environmental Apocalypse

Ginny Ruffners Reforestation of the Imagination at the Renwick uses augmented reality to show the plants that might grow after environment devastation...

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The Scientist Behind Some of Our Favorite Junk Foods

William A. Mitchell invented Cool Whip, Pop Rocks, Tang and other 20th-century treats...

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This Wine Festival in Switzerland Only Happens Once a Generation--and It's Taking Place Right Now

The renowned wine festival only takes places once every 20 to 25 years...

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Eight Spots in the United States Where You Can See Petroglyphs

There are rock carvings and paintings in some unexpected locations around the country...

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The Original Tour de France Yellow Jersey Was Made of Wool

100 years ago, in the middle of the race, a rider wore the famed jersey for the first time...

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Women's Voices Ring With a Resounding Roar in This New Show

The African Art Museum raises the profile of female artists showcasing their works from its collections...

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