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Recognition of Major Osage Leader and Warrior Opens a New Window Into History

The story of Shonke Mon-thi^, a hidden figure in American history, is now recovered at the National Portrait Gallery...

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See Indigenous Films at the Mother Tongue Film Festival

The four-day event shows more than 20 films featuring 28 languages from 22 regions...

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Madame Yale Made a Fortune With the 19th Century's Version of Goop

A century before todays celebrity health gurus, an American businesswoman was a beauty with a brand...

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How the U.S. Government Deployed Grandma Moses Overseas in the Cold War

In 1950, an exhibition of the famed artists paintings toured Europe in a promotional campaign of American culture...

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Grammy Nod to Folkways' Pete Seeger Collection Is a Fitting Tribute

The producers aim to inspire future generations to carry on the singers legacy...

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These Supper Clubs Are Using Food to Cross Cultural Divides

Cooking classes in a growing number of cities are teaching U.S.-born residents to embrace their immigrant neighbors...

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Charles Darwin's Publisher Didn't Believe in Evolution, but Sold His Revolutionary Book Anyway

The famed naturalist and conservative stalwart John Murray III formed an unlikely alliance in popularizing a radical idea...

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