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A Brief History of the Falklands War

The latest season of Netflixs The Crown dramatizes the 1982 clash between Argentina and the United Kingdom...

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The Storied History of Giving in America

Throughout American history, philanthropy has involved the offering of time, money and moral concern to benefit others, but it carries a complicated legacy...

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A History of Felines, as Narrated and Illustrated by a Cat

Baba the cat is both storyteller and photographic model in what is perhaps the most unique cat history book ever published...

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Getting a Taste of 100 Years of Wayne Thiebaud

The American artist turns 100 this month, and a new exhibit in California examines the full, delicious spread of his work...

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Smithsonian Museums and the National Zoo to Close Due to Increased Cases of Covid-19

In an official statement, the Institution announced a temporary closing of all its public facilities beginning November 23...

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How History Records the Peculiar Role of America's First Ladies

A new exhibition, Every Eye is Upon Me, pays tribute to the ever-changing role of the women who hold this unelected office...

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What the Survival of the Hawaiian Language Means to Those Who Speak It

A Smithsonian curator recalls his own experience learning the native tongue...

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