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Long Sidelined, Native Artists Finally Receive Their Due

At the American Indian Museum in NYC, curators paint eight decades of American Indian artwork back into the picture...

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The Ten Best Children's Books of 2019

This years top titles deliver strange animals, mouth-watering foods and biographies of unsung heroes...

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Cities Around the Globe Are Eagerly Importing a Dutch Speciality--Flood Prevention

Architects and planners from the Netherlands are advising coastal cities worldwide on how to live with water...

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Marcel Duchamp Played With the Definition of Art and Now the Public Can, Too

Art connoisseurs Aaron and Barbara Levine amassed a formidable body of the artists works; theyd like nothing better than for you to see it...

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How Playmobil Went From a Simple, Smiling Figure to a Worldwide Sensation

A new movie plays off the narrative nature of a toy that has been capturing imaginations for 45 years...

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Every Year Just 'Bout This Time, Kurtis Blow Celebrates With a Rhyme

In a 40-year salute to Christmas Rappin, hip-hop chronicler Bill Adler tells the tale of how the famous rap recording came to life...

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The Best Books of 2019

In our efforts to increase and diffuse knowledge, we highly recommend these 55 titles released this year...

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