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The New Treasures of Pompeii

From gorgeous artworks to grimacing corpses, archaeologists are still uncovering the truth about life--and death--in the doomed city...

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Visit the World's Only Bobblehead Hall of Fame and Museum

The Milwaukee attraction showcases the oldest and rarest of all the bobbleheads--and thousands more...

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How Helicopters Helped Make Woodstock Happen

The legendary music festival was propelled by up to 22 helicopters, which airdropped food and flowers, transported performers, and irritated festival-goers...

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The New Little Women' May Finally Do Justice to Its Most Controversial Character

Based on the trailer of the new adaptation of the beloved novel, Amy March seems poised to get the well-rounded portrait she deserves...

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Remembering Julia Child

Smithsonian curator Paula Johnson addresses many of the questions visitors ask about Americas beloved cooking teacher and her kitchen...

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Joy Harjo's New Poetry Collection Brings Native Issues to the Forefront

The recently announced U.S. Poet Laureate melds words and music to resist the myth of Native invisibility...

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The Fierce Pride and Passion of Rhinestone Fashion

In this episode of Re:Frame, Smithsonian curators investigate the intentionality and agency behind the clothing we wear...

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