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Hi-Fructose Presents: The Art of the Mushroom Preview Pt. 2

Charlie Immer As we get closer to the opening of Hi-Fructose Presents: The Art of the Mushroom, the group show at The Compound Gallery that explores the fungus that’s inspired artists for centuries, organizers offer more snippets and previews of the show each day. Take the interactive, moving “Cradle of Life” throne (below), which is just about ready to host revelers. See Part 1 of our preview of the show here.More...

Josh Keyes, Lisa Ericson to Show New Work at Thinkspace

Keyes With wildly varied takes on the natural world, painters Josh Keyes and Lisa Ericson bring two separate shows to Thinkspace Projects in Culver City. Keyes was last mentioned on here, and Ericson was last mentioned on the site here.More...

Neva Hosking’s Biographical ‘Personal Geography’ Drawings

Neva Hosking to craft biographical drawings on scraps and unexpected surfaces is rooted in a time long before having her formal training, yet that practice has endured. This approach “built an understanding that a broken and fractured viewpoint often presents a more accurate and multi-faceted view of whatever subject needs to be explored,” she says. The result shows a prism that represents a complex, ever-changing humanity.More...

The Dreamlike Paintings of Jos. A Smith

Jos. A Smith’s dreamlike paintings move between elegance and cacophony. His horse-riders, specifically, carry a quality have a surreal, yet granular quality that invites close inspection. Part of the artists work his rooted in his practice of of trance techniques learned from the Nyngmapa sect of Tibetan Buddhism, research psychologists, anthropologists, and shamans with my own dream records to make that membrane between my waking state and my unconscious more permeable.More...

The Coasters Show 2018 Arrives at Gallery 30 South

Ally Burke Six years after he started what’s now become a trend of coaster shows in his role at La Luz de Jesus Gallery, Matt Kennedy now offers his latest rendition at Gallery 30 South with “The Coaster Show 2018.” The annual event offers more than 1,000 pieces from hundreds of artists. Approaches include acrylics, watercolors, printmaking, pen, oils, sculpture, ink, and much more.More...

Sasha Ignatiadou’s Vibrant, Vivid Illustrations

The acrylic paintings of illustrator Sasha Ignatiadou carry a vibrancy and visceral detail. The artist’s work tends to leave viewers on guessing on the origins of his creation, which outside of her acrylic work, moves between watercolor and digital approaches.More...

SKU-00034-1629 Crayola Washable Kids' Paint Sets from Dick Blick  sku

Crayola Washable Kids' Paint Sets - 00034-1629 by blick

Item description: This Painting Liquid Tempera Paint product is by blick - Crayola Washable Kids' Paint has a rich, creamy consistency and will not chip or rub off. It can be used on almost any surface, including construction paper, posters, drawing paper, cardboard, papier mâché, and more. - Set of 6 Metallic Colors... Learn More

Manufacturer: blick

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Blick Art Materials

Store: Started in 1911, Blick Art Materials is one of the largest suppliers in the nation. We are the premier art supplies source for professional artists, students and teachers.

Category: Liquid Tempera Paint


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Crayola Washable Kids' Paint has a rich, creamy consistency and will not chip or rub off. It can be used on almost any surface, including construction paper, posters, drawing paper, cardboard, papier mâché, and more. - Set of 6 Glitter Colors ...See The Price
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