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Painting News:

David Leitner’s Striking Figurative Work

Austrian artist David Leitner’s stirring work takes him across the world, whether it’s in murals, illustrations, or stirring drawings that react to his surroundings. In his black, graphical line drawings, the artist’s cascading figures make use of neighboring contours and abstractions.More...

Deedee Cheriel Offers New Spiritual Paintings in ‘Cosmic Connections’

Deedee Cheriel’s new paintings, offering explorations of connectedness and spirituality, are part of a current show at KP Projects in Los Angeles. The paintings in Cosmic Connections, often featuring human-animal hybrids, display scenes set against nature. Cheriel’s work was last seen on here.More...

Khadim Ali’s Demonic Paintings and Murals

The work of Pakistan-born, Australia-based artist Khadim Ali explores history, traditional art practices, and the artist’s own identity. Much of his work has been influenced by the 10th-century epic poem “Shahnama/The Book of Kings,” and is often expressed in classical miniatures, murals and calligraphy.More...

Wesley Wright’s Ceramic ‘Primates’

Wesley Wright’s ceramic sculptures explore our relationship to the natural world, in both its corruption and beauty. In his “Primates series, in specific, the artist’s talents knack for surprising details in the contours of his subjects shines. The artist, based in Northern California, works primarily in stoneware clay. More...

Crystal Morey’s New Porcelain Sculptures Draw from 18th Century

With Crystal Moreys newest handmade porcelain sculptures, the artist takes influence from 18th century European art history. Lush Anthesis, a body of work in a new show at Modern Eden Gallery in San Francisco, contains hybrid creations made from humans, flora, and fauna. Morey was last featured on here. More...

Yigit Can Alper’s Ghostly Watercolor Scenes

The watercolor paintings of Turkish artist Yigit Can Alper carry a ghostly quality, their creatures disappearing into sparse backdrops. Alpers drab figures and structures seem to be part of a dilapidated world. And the textures of the material render each component as a temporary apparition. More...

SKU-00045-1129 Prang Ready-To-Use Washable<nobr>Tempera Paint</nobr> from Dick Blick  sku

Prang Ready-To-Use WashableTempera Paint - 00045-1129 by blick

Item description: This Painting Liquid Tempera Paint product is by blick - The vibrant, non-settling colors of this Prang tempera blend easily, with creamy smooth textures and good working characteristics. Ultra-Washable technology makes cleanup easy. - Assorted Set of 12, 8 oz Bottles... Learn More

Manufacturer: blick

Keywords: Prang Ready-To-Use Washable Tempera Paint, Liquid Tempera Paint, Painting - School and Classroom Paints, Painting and Painting Accessories, Tempera Paint

Blick Art Materials

Store: Started in 1911, Blick Art Materials is one of the largest suppliers in the nation. We are the premier art supplies source for professional artists, students and teachers.

Category: Liquid Tempera Paint


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