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The Oil and Watercolor Paintings of Jessie Makinson

In Jessie Makinsons oil and watercolor paintings, the artist looks at how women are represented in both pop culture and art history. Melding backdrops and figurative forms, the artist toys with the contours of both, with dense and elegant results. Recent work on gallery walls integrates that sensibility in fascinating ways in these spaces, her women and mythological characters emerging behind hung pieces.More...

The ‘Model Kit’ Sculptures of Michael Johansson

Michael Johansson’s massive sculptures simulate the runners, sprues, and parts that comprise model kits through injection molding. The artists public work, which are bronze and aluminum casts, have a particularly playful quality, whether simulating a firefighter starter kit or unassembled parts that would build a domestic living space. More...

Nathaniel Mary Quinn’s Mixed-Media Portraits Appear in ‘Always Felt, Rarely Seen’

Nathaniel Mary Quinn’s affecting mixed-media portraits recently returned in the show Always Felt, Rarely Seen at Almine Rech in Brussels. As with past work (Quinn was last featured on here), theres a collage-like look to the work, though all aspects are sourced through materials at the artists hands. Yet, as the gallery says, there’s been a more personal evolution in recent work. More...

Mythologies Collide in Peter Palfi’s ‘Looney Tombs’ Series

In Peter Palfis Looney Tombs series, the mythologies of Ancient Egyptian gods and 20th-century animation synthesize with artifacts faithful to both histories. The Hungarian artist uses bronze, wood, resin, actual mummified animals, and other materials to craft these sculptures—along with his own complete Book of the Dead. For some, it may recall Damien Hirsts Treasures from the Wreck of the Unbelievable, though Palfis work, in concept, wholly embraces the absurd.More...

The Recent Illustrations of Elif Varol Ergen

In the recent illustrations of Elif Varol Ergen, the artist dives further into the mystical with her feminine heroes and creatures, her own myths and contemporary lessons emerging. Since she was last featured on (here), she released her first print publication, “A Sequence of Witches,” through Von Zos. The artist was also featured in Hi-Fructose Vol. 19.More...

The Gouache Paintings of Michael Dandley

In Michael Dandley’s gouache scenes render astral—and sometimes, cataclysmic—phenomenons happening both on Earth and far beyond. Also characteristic of his work are unexpected hues in each painting, whether it’s showing degradation of the planet or explorative adventures.More...

SKU-00050-1026 Chroma Green Series Tempera, White, Pint (16 oz) from Dick Blick  sku

Chroma Green Series Tempera, White, Pint (16 oz) - 00050-1026 by blick

Item description: This Painting Liquid Tempera Paint product is by blick - The environmentally friendly tempera paint! This paint uses 25% less energy to produce than other brands. It is 100% detergent-free and non-toxic. Available in pints or gallons. Ideal for all traditional tempera paint applications.... Learn More

Manufacturer: blick

Keywords: Chroma Green Series Tempera, environmentally friendly, Liquid Tempera Paint, Painting - School and Classroom Paints, Painting and Painting Accessories, Tempera Paint

Blick Art Materials

Store: Started in 1911, Blick Art Materials is one of the largest suppliers in the nation. We are the premier art supplies source for professional artists, students and teachers.

Category: Liquid Tempera Paint


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