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Painting News:

Roq La Rue Group Show Asks Artists to React to ‘A Beautiful Ghost’

Travis Louie Inspired by the John Foxx instrumental “A Beautiful Ghost,” the gallery Roq La Rue asked several artists “to do their take on the title theme.” The result is a group show currently running at the gallery through March 3, with work from Brian Despain, Rick Araluce, Nannette Cherry, Kai Carpenter, Travis Louie, Jeff Jacobson, Kate MacDowell, Peter Ferguson, and Bella Ormseth.More...

Afarin Sajedi Shows Powerful, Feminine Paintings in Dorothy Circus Show

Iranian artist Afarin Sajedi crafts stirring portraits of women that explore their role in society and pull in iconography and notes from global cultures. In an upcoming show at Dorothy Circus Gallery, the first solo effort in the U.K. for the artist, she offers recent paintings. The show kicks off March 8 and runs through April 6.More...

The Lifesized Embroidered Figures of Liisa Hietanen

The lifesized crocheted and knitted figures made by Finland artist Liisa Hietanen are based off of people in her hometown. The artist gets to know them during the process of creating their likeness. When the artist is done with one of her Villager sculptures, she takes it to the public and displays them in Hämeenkyrö. More...

The Small Painted Homes of Paola Ciarska

The small-scale gouache paintings by Paola Ciarska offer peeks inside private homes, with pop and fine art gems scattered throughout. The artist often depicts intimate moments, with personality present across the empty rooms. (Also presents are hints at her subjects being webcam performers or other Internet activity.)More...

The Linocuts and Multimedia Works of Karol Pomykala

Karol Pomykala is known for his stirring, monochromatic linocuts, creating massive and provocative meditations. Recent, the artist has combined this approach with virtual reality, allowing gallery- and museum-goers the opportunity to enter his figure-filled scapes. More...

The Recent Paintings of Allison Sommers

In recent work, there’s an ever-evolving horror and beauty in the paintings of Allison Sommers. Pieces created for shows at galleries across the U.S. range in size and subjects. Below, see how she’s recently depicted an unraveling canine, the human body, and other bits and organs worthy of close observation.More...

SKU-00054-1209 Tempera Paints with Rack from Dick Blick  sku

Tempera Paints with Rack - 00054-1209 by blick

Item description: This Painting Tempera Cakes product is by blick - These heavy-duty wire racks make classroom storage a breeze! Each rack holds trays filled with cakes of vibrant student-grade tempera paint. The cakes measure 2-1/4 x 11/16. The trays are reusable. - Tempera Rack with 12 Sets... Learn More

Manufacturer: blick

Keywords: Richeson Tempera Paints with Rack, Painting - School and Classroom Paints, Painting and Painting Accessories, Palettes and Mixing Trays, School and Classroom, Tempera Paint

Blick Art Materials

Store: Started in 1911, Blick Art Materials is one of the largest suppliers in the nation. We are the premier art supplies source for professional artists, students and teachers.

Category: Tempera Cakes


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