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A Blueprint for Producing Your Artist Newsletter

If youve had Write Newsletter on your task list for too long, it might be because you havent identified the individual components that will be required for the process to be successful. Producing an artist newsletter is a project that consists of multiple tasks in order to complete. Writing is only one part of the newsletter process, and even the writing can be broken down into multiple stages. You will always get stuck when you see a project on your to-do list rather than single tasks. For mo...

Opening and Running Your Own Gallery with Tracy Miller (Podcast)

A lot of my students and clients have mentioned their desire to open a gallery. And some have done so without putting much thought into what it takes and later regret it. Im excited that artist and gallerist Tracy Miller is on this episode to talk about her experience running Tracy Miller Gallery for the last 7 years. She talks about selecting a tight focus for her gallery, which she feels was critical for its success. The artists she chose to work with are in the genre of New West and have ...

My Favorite Things 2018 Edition

These are some of the many things that made me smile, think, or grow in 2018. I hope you find some good resources (and recipes) here. Please leave your favorite things from the year in a comment. Art Trips & Clients Wow! I got to hang out with a group ... The post My Favorite Things 2018 Edition appeared first on Art Biz Success. ...

Creating Opportunities for Your Art Career with Meg Black (Podcast)

Artist Meg Black doesnt wait for things to happen, she makes them happen. She has recently installed a major commission in the new addition of the town hall in Topsfield, MA. In this episode of the podcast, Meg tells us about the process from vision to reality. She shares how ... The post Creating Opportunities for Your Art Career with Meg Black (Podcast) appeared first on Art Biz Success. ...

Why Artists Should (and Shouldnt) Blog

Thinking of giving up on your artist blog Already given up on your blog First, lets assume that youre okay with writing. You have no problem collecting words and sharing them with others. With that as a starting point, I hope youll revisit your blog because there are four major benefits to blogging. 1. You will uncover things about your art when you blog about it. The more you write about your art, the more you will discover about its meaning and your purpose and the better you will be able ...

How to Choose the Right Artist Group for You (Podcast Episode 20)

Im sure youve been to group meetings where you thought to yourself, What in the world am I doing here Those are groups you want to exit quickly. No sense hanging around. Maybe its just not the right group for you. Or maybe its because its not well organized. I used this special podcast to talk just meabout artist groups. Being an artist is lonely and most artists need to spend time around others to thrive. There are 4 primary reasons to be part of an organized and well-run group. Inspira...

SKU-204312 Fairfield Nu-Foam Baby Bumper Pads from Fabric  sku

Fairfield Nu-Foam Baby Bumper Pads - 204312 by Fairfield Processing Corp

Item description: This Fabric pillow-forms product is by Fairfield Processing Corp - Nu-foam baby bumper pads are made from 100-percent polyester densified batting. They wonÂ’t yellow or disintegrate making them a great alternative to foam. This package contains a set of six pre-cut pieces that fit any standard-sized crib and will reta... Learn More

Manufacturer: Fairfield Processing Corp

Keywords: Fairfield White Notions pillow-forms

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Category: pillow-forms


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