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Caring for Your Most Precious Asset as an Artist with Missy Graff Ballone

Missy Graff Ballone, artist and founder of Wellness for Makers, joins the show to discuss the importance of taking care of your most precious asset for making art: your body. She shares her own background as an artist, massage therapist and yoga instructor, and why she saw a need to provide resources that help artists take care of their bodies so they can make more art, and in turn, run their businesses. She also provides tools artists can use to get started in their new journey towards better h...

How to Decide Whether to Take on a New Project or Not

You are in charge of your art career. This means you are the person who decides what to do immediately and what can wait for tomorrow, next week, or next month. This sounded ideal until you realized how hard it is to prioritize your life and business by yourself. You might have been accustomed to a boss telling you where to focus your energy. No more. Entrepreneurship issued a wake-up call. You want freedom Here it is! Go decide for yourself. If youre actively looking for opportunities, as you ...

How to Be a More Confident Artist with Gwen Fox

Artist Gwen Fox describes a situation many artists have found themselves in. You know the scenario. Your work was selected for a prestigious art show and during the show you happen to overhear a man talking about your work. As you listen, your heart sinks. He hates your painting. The man then moves on to reveal his ignorance while commenting on several other paintings, yet what he said about yours has destroyed your confidence. For the rest of the evening you dont hear all the glowing remarks a...

8 Time Management Tips for Artists Plus 2 Truths

As an artist and one-person business owner, you are the talented maker, gregarious promoter, delightful conversationalist, and head honcho. Its easy to be overwhelmed by all of these simultaneous roles. Know that you are not alone. Perhaps its comforting to know that every artist at every level seeks more effective time management skills. The first truth I want to share is this: Its impossible to manage time. The clocks keep ticking and the sun continues to rise and set. Theres not much you ...

Why You Need a Family of Artists and Advisors for Your Art Business

At the end of a recent email to me, Inner Circle alumnus Margaret Dukeman added the following sentence. Big thanks to you for the power that you have instilled in me and the ability to move my career forward with purpose and determination! Im always thrilled to hear that a clients investment paid off and her business is moving forward. So I continued the conversation to find out more in hopes that it would help other artists. ABS: This is great to hear. I have to ask: What has made the biggest...

Leaving Behind What is Safe with Jan R. Carson

One artists journey is never the same as anothers. Not only do you have to be creative in what you make, but also in how you get it out there, connect with the right people, and make a living. They all involve taking risks. In 2010, Jan decided to begin the journey away from what had been a safe income (production work) to go after the art and life she wants for herself. She discusses the balance of both worlds and how she is successfully transitioning from one to the other. Shes leaving what ...

SKU-313553 Fairfield Crafter's Choice Dry Polyester Fiber 20 oz from Fabric  sku

Fairfield Crafter's Choice Dry Polyester Fiber 20 oz - 313553 by Fairfield Processing Corp

Item description: This Fabric pillow-forms product is by Fairfield Processing Corp - Crafter's Choice® ''Dry polyester fiberfill is the perfect choice for stuffing collectible-style dolls and bears. This polyester fiberfill has not been treated with silicone so the fiber has a coarse texture that packs firmly allowing you to stuff... Learn More

Manufacturer: Fairfield Processing Corp

Keywords: Fairfield White pillow-forms

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Category: pillow-forms


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