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Is Your Art Just Free Décor?

There are all kinds of places where you could show your work. Coffee shops would love to have your art! Salons would fawn over it! Professional offices would think they’d died and gone to heaven! This is great news for you, especially when you are just starting out. It’s a stamp of approval when public spaces want to show your work. Almost every artist does the “free” circuit. It’s where you get your toes wet. These seemingly low-risk venues offer a venue for you to learn how to: Properly prepa...

What’s The Point of Making Art When The World Is So Screwed Up?

If you’ve ever questioned the reason for making art, you’re not alone. After a particularly rough period—be it something in the news or circumstances in your career—you might catch yourself asking, “What’s the point” You might even begin to see your work as frivolous. With so much negativity in print and online, it’s easy to overlook the bigger picture. Well-meaning thoughts might enter your head. Shouldn’t I be out there saving people Shouldn’t I be waging peace Shouldn’t I be protecting the en...

Vary Your Marketing Message

Your art exhibition, class, workshop, or event has so many facets that there is no reason to send repetitive emails and social media posts for your promotions. You never know what it is about your work or offering that will be of interest to your audience. Hitting a different angle with each message makes it more likely you’ll pique the interest of followers. Below are ideas for doing just that. Many of these suggestions lend themselves to emails, while others could easily be adapted for social ...

Why Your Website Isn’t Generating Sales

Your website is for generating sales and opportunities - even if you don’t sell directly from your site. You’re using your site as a digital portfolio to sell galleries and other venues on the idea of your art. There are numerous factors as to why some art sells better online than others. Perhaps the work is more “popular” or more affordable. Or maybe the artists use their lists and social media more effectively. Without taking those things into account, there are four errors you should correct ...

The Investing Artist: Art, Real Estate, and Legacy with Mary Erickson (Podcast)

I met Mary Erickson in person for the first time at the 2016 Plein Air South in Apalachicola, Florida. We bonded over cocktails and oysters. (Mary is the only person who has ever convinced me to eat oysters.) I was immediately impressed with Mary’s business savvy, as I know you will be. Her art sales have paid for her lifestyle, which is comfortable and adventurous, but far from extravagant. She is a discerning investor and wise with her finances. Mary says she paints so that she can buy real es...

Master Your Subject Lines in 49 Characters or Less

Email messages are the steam engine behind much of your marketing these days. They’re cheap, they’re fast, and . . . they’re completely ineffective unless recipients open them and act on the message. Recipients are tempted to open messages, in large part, based on what they encounter in the subject line. Your subject line is almost more important than the content of the email. If the message is never opened, you might as well have not sent it. To the point: The purpose of your email subject line...

SKU-546709 Ribbon Rosette Sequin Netting Cream Fabric from Fabric  sku

Ribbon Rosette Sequin Netting Cream Fabric - 546709 by 3911 Penn Ave

Item description: This Fabric fabric product is by 3911 Penn Ave - This netting fabric features soutache ribbon embroidery with sequins. It's perfect for special occasion apparel overlays on skirts dresses and even table top decor.... Learn More

Manufacturer: 3911 Penn Ave

Keywords: Apparel fabric

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Store: is the place to go for ANYONE who wants fabric at up to 40% off! Our warehouse stocks more than half a million yards of fabric that we offer at up to 40% below retail price. We offer the best in sewing notions, knitting and craft supplies, books and home decoration.

Category: fabric


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