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Must-Have Website Info That Should Be at Your Fingertips

Your website is a home base for your art business. It’s where you send people to see your work, sign up for your email list, or even buy your art. In short, you need for it to be up and functioning at its best. All. The. Time. What would happen if it crashed And … Who would you turn to if you needed a quick update to your site because you found out you were being featured in an article Is that person always available for you You may have a great relationship with your web designer and hosting se...

Multiply Your Audience and Expand Your Show’s Impact with Jill Powers

We often forget that we’re not alone. It’s easy to do because you spend so much time working by yourself in the studio. But … You don’t have to hold up the weight of a solo exhibition all by yourself. If you get a little creative, you will find a whole bunch of people who would love to be involved with your show. They would be happy to help you install it, interpret it, and share it with others. In my former life (a long time ago) I was an art museum curator and educator. This is exactly how we ...

How To Be Happier About Running Your Art Business

We all love some parts of our business more than others. I’d be lying to you if I told you that I loved marketing and bookkeeping as much as creating a course. After doing this work with artists for nearly two decades, I can say with confidence that artists who happily embrace their role as CEO of their business do better than artists who don’t. This doesn’t mean that you need to fake joy whenever you’re paying bills. It means that you rise to accept the challenge because you know it’s importa...

Creative Placemaking and Public Art with Lynn Basa

Artist Lynn Basa understands the power of art to be a positive force in communities. She is interested in the varied ways that artists are intersecting with public life. From more traditional public art to creative placemaking to socially engaged practice. I talked with Lynn, author of The Artist’s Guide to Public Art: How to Find and Win Commissions, for the Art Biz Podcast. In particular, we focused on The Corner Project, an art space and community revitalization effort she founded in the blig...

7 Ways to Wow with Your Exhibition Invitation

Every contact you have with someone is an opportunity to wow them with your art and your professionalism, so you don’t want to miss the chance to wow from the beginning. Robert Mapplethorpe knew this. For his first solo exhibition in 1973 at New York’s Light Gallery - a show of Polaroids - Mapplethorpe’s invitation was a hand-printed image from a Polaroid original. Mapplethorpe embossed his name on the outer edge, included the protective Polaroid cover, and inserted everything into hand-addresse...

Why Putting Your Plan on Paper Matters

Since I started my art career, I had this one figure in my head that if I made that figure as my annual income, then I would consider myself successful. I also made this my Art Biz Accelerator income goal. Well, I just tallied up my annual income for 2018, and I EXCEEDED THAT FIGURE!!!! I love seeing messages like this one from Sabra Lynne Crockett in my inbox, and I think its important for artists to see what is possible when you apply your knowledge. She continued: Before, I enrolled in the Ar...

SKU-547229 Telio Topaz Brushed Hatchi Knit Red Hot Fabric from Fabric  sku

Telio Topaz Brushed Hatchi Knit Red Hot Fabric - 547229 by Telio

Item description: This Fabric fabric product is by Telio - This yarn dyed slub hatchi sweater knit has an ultra soft brushed hand fluid drape and four way stretch. With 75% stretch across the grain and 25% vertical stretch it is perfect for creating stylish cardigans cozy sweaters scarves and pullovers. Click... Learn More

Manufacturer: Telio

Keywords: Telio Apparel fabric

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Store: is the place to go for ANYONE who wants fabric at up to 40% off! Our warehouse stocks more than half a million yards of fabric that we offer at up to 40% below retail price. We offer the best in sewing notions, knitting and craft supplies, books and home decoration.

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This yarn dyed slub hatchi sweater knit has an ultra soft brushed hand fluid drape and four way stretch. With 75% stretch across the grain and 25% vertical stretch it is perfect for creating stylish cardigans cozy sweaters scarves and pullovers. Click ...See The Price
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