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SKU-11912 Sun-Glo Thumbnail Sketch Paper Rolls canary 7 lb. 14 in. x 50 yd. roll from Mister Art  sku

Sun-Glo Thumbnail Sketch Paper Rolls canary 7 lb. 14 in. x 50 yd. roll - 11912 by Borden & Riley

Item description: This Other Architecture & Drafting product is by Borden & Riley - Sun-Glo sketch paper is perfect for architects, engineers, illustrators, students, and more This paper is durable enough to withstand rough handling yet so transparent you can layer as many as three or four sheets over the original artwork and still read the details underneath.Sun-Glo thumbnail sketch paper works great with ink, charcoal, chalk, or felt-tip pens and markers. It's available in either canary or white.... Learn More

Manufacturer: Borden & Riley

Keywords: Architecture & Drafting Drafting Paper Borden & Riley

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Category: Architecture & Drafting


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