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One Lesson From Burning Man—Embrace the Dust...

SKU-14061 Universal Etching Ground 16 oz. soft ground from Mister Art  sku

Universal Etching Ground 16 oz. soft ground - 14061 by Graphic Chemical

Item description: This Other Printmaking product is by Graphic Chemical - Grounds, whether liquid or ball, are essential to the etching process. A ground that breaks down in the acid bath, or chips when two lines cross is useless to the etcher. Since 1920, Graphic Chemical & Ink has been manufacturing the finest grounds available anywhere. Universal Etching Ground is easily applied to the clean plate, and due to its relative transparency, it leaves the image in view at all times.... Learn More

Manufacturer: Graphic Chemical

Keywords: Printmaking Etching & Intaglio Graphic Chemical

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Category: Printmaking


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