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SKU-16293 AEC Air Eraser and Compounds AEC air eraser from Mister Art  sku

AEC Air Eraser and Compounds AEC air eraser - 16293 by Paasche

Item description: This Other Airbrushing product is by Paasche - The Air Eraser is a versatile instrument that can erase color errors and can act as an etching tool. Easy to handle, this smooth operating air eraser operates like a small sand blaster with very little difficulty and a great deal of accuracy. Used by hobbyists and manufacturers to clean jewelry and fine parts, remove discoloration, rust and corrosion, etch glass, or cut monograms. It is also used in dental laboratories to improve aesthetics of castings or obtain occlusal relationship analysis of gold castings. Lithographers can use the AEC Air Eraser to highlight halftones and erase defects without marring the surface or leaving a smudge. Operating pressure ranges from 30-45 lb. Clean, dry air is essential for best results. AEC Air Eraser comes by itself and not in a kit with accessories. NOTE: When using air erasers or abrasive guns, safety glasses and respirators are required. AE compound is meant for use at low psi for erasing color errors or cleaning. AEX compound can be ue... Learn More

Manufacturer: Paasche

Keywords: Airbrushing Airbrushes Paasche

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Category: Airbrushing


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