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SKU-31331 Deco Ceramic Mosaic Tiles light blue square from Mister Art  sku

Deco Ceramic Mosaic Tiles light blue square - 31331 by Jennifer's Mosaics

Item description: This Other Glass & Tile Art product is by Jennifer's Mosaics - A collection of colorful glazed ceramic tiles. Smooth on the front surface to reflect light. Rounded corners and sides mean no sharp edges - great for children Square tiles are all 3/8 in. Approximately 90-100 pieces per bag. Flower tiles are all 5/8 in. Assorted colors. Approximately 20 square inches coverage per bag (55-60 pieces). Rectangle tiles are 1 1/8 in. x 1/4 in. Assorted colors. Approximately 20 square inches coverage per bag (40-45 pieces).... Learn More

Manufacturer: Jennifer's Mosaics

Keywords: Glass & Tile Art Mosaic Supplies Mosaic Tiles & Stones Jennifer's Mosaics

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Category: Glass & Tile Art


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