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charity ridpath

Art … for your fingers! What are these elegant, ethereal, translucent rings made from Salad containers, produce bags, assorted fruit containers, and recycled silver. WHAT. I’ll let American artist (and recently graduated BFA student… as in last week) Charity Ridpath explain: Year of Plastic My wearable sculptures are informed by what we as humans make […]...

jessica tenbusch

“Suburban Edens” … oh my word, yes! This is the work of Michigan based artist Jessica Tenbusch. She also draws and paints, but I can’t stop staring at these colorful, nature-infused (literally) wall sculptures. Here are a few words from her ‘about’ page to give a little insight: [Jessica] explores the relationships between species and how […]...

paige moon

Oooh, a beautifully painted peek into the life of Korean {California based} artist Paige Moon. Who needs Instagram when you can capture moments using acrylic on panel! Okay, Paige uses Instagram too, but it’s filled with painted snapshots instead. In fact, according to her lovely feed, that final piece is from an anniversary trip she and her […]...

anne siems

LOVE! I have written about German {Seattle based} artist Anne Siems so many times, but when I saw these new paintings I just had to circle back around. Get it Circle Okay, sorry – here are Anne’s words about this body of work: ‘We Are One’  follows the longing of my heart and the knowledge of […]...

laura cooper (at heythere projects)

Mountains of bone-like ceramic tangles … if this work, by California based artist Laura Cooper, doesn’t  make you want to spend the weekend in the desert, well, I don’t what will. How’s that for a segue into the fact that these pieces will be part of the inaugural show at HeyThere Projects in Joshua Tree, California this […]...

frida fjellman

Gasp! Bouquets of light-filled crystals hanging from gold chains… LOVE! These breathtaking pieces are the work of Stockholm based artist Frida Fjellman. You can see some of Frida’s colorful crystals right now in … “New Glass Now”, featuring works by 100 living artists working in glass today, at The Corning Museum of Glass, Corning New York : May 12, […]...

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