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ben skinner

Oh, Vancouver based artist Ben Skinner. One of my favorite artists, ever. In fact, on February 22, 2009, I wrote my first post on The Jealous Curator and, yes, it was about Ben. Well, here we are TEN YEARS LATER (!), so I thought it was only fitting to write about him again. He’s the king […]...

leah rosenberg

Gasp! So there I was, wandering through the San Francisco airport when I was stopped in my tracks by this colorful, glittering masterpiece! This is the work of San Francisco based artist Leah Rosenberg, and I can tell you, this post does not even close to do it justice. Here are Leah’s words about this […]...

esther sarto

Beautiful and disturbing. These paintings are the work of Copenhagen based artist Esther Sarto. I have so many questions, but haven’t been able to find many answers. I did read somewhere that her work explores “inner visions, dreams and nightmares”… yep, that seems about right....

oliver jeffers

Damn. How did I miss this ‘For All We Know’, an exhibition by American artist Oliver Jeffers just came down from the walls at Bryce Wolkowitz Gallery {NYC} on February 16th. I love everything Oliver does – from his oil paintings to his absolutely fantastic kids books – and this show is no exception. Here is a […]...

frida kahlo in brooklyn

FRIDA! Monday morning fun fact: Did you know that, while she was alive, Frida Kahlo only had one solo show in New York City Yep, it was at the Julien Levy Gallery in 1938. Well, 81 years later, the Brooklyn Museum is shining a huge spotlight on all things Frida with this fabulous show, titled ‘Frida Kahlo: Appearances […]...

taili wu

A post shared by Taili Wu (@tailiwu) on May 6, 2015 at 4:44pm PDT Ceramics and stop-motion animation… well hello my new favorite combo! These whimsical wonders are the work of Taiwan born, New York based artist Taili Wu. Surprises inside Oreos, bacon ‘n egg eyes, and don’t even get me started on that record-playing […]...

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