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oriana (kacicek) ingber

I think I gained 10lbs just writing this post. I’ve written about the deliciously realistic work of American painter Oriana (Kacicek) Ingber, but I just saw this peanut butter ‘n jelly sandwich on her homepage, and HELLO, time to write again! Mmmm… also, pie....

erin harmon

Gouache, watercolor, collage, ceramics … seriously, the portfolio of American artist Erin Harmon is filled to the brim with rainbow-hued magic! Just imagine if you could jump, spin and dance around in one of her worlds Well, if you’re a ballerina in Memphis, you can… Gasp! Sets that Erin designed for Ballet Memphis. Sigh....

nevine mahmoud

That yellow cherry The stem ? Marble, calcite, the occasional copper stem, and alabaster breasts. Honestly, I’m lost for words… which doesn’t happen very often. These seductive (yes, even the donut is sexy) sculptures are the work of London born, Los Angeles based artist Nevine Mahmoud. How does she do this Sigh. Stunning. {via Artsy}...

nicola tibbetts

This 2010 painting series, titled ‘The Feast’, is the work of Vancouver based artist Nicola Tibbetts. It makes me hungry… and then a little bit sick. The pieces above are, in this order, Preparation of the Feast; The Feast; The Remains of the Feast. Here are her words about this body of work: “This is a […]...

lucy pass

Ah, “Lovers’ Eyes”. These modern takes on a classic are the lovely work of UK based artist Lucy Pass. From what I can gather, she doesn’t know any of these lovers, or their eyes. Nope, Lucy uses found images as the starting point for all of her work, “passing [her] own subconscious judgement onto an […]...

veronica hodges

Gasp! 16,000 paper cherry blossoms hanging from the gorgeous, light-filled, domed ceiling of Frederik’s Church {affectionately known as The Marble Church} in Copenhagen… oh my word, yes. “Cherish” is the installation work of Danish artist Veronica Hodges. Clearly, it’s breathtaking, but her reason behind the project is just as beautiful: “We want to create an installation in […]...

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