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patrick pietropoli

Oh my word… she’s looking into my soul. This is the beautiful and surreal work of Parisian born, New York based artist Patrick Pietropoli. His latest show, titled ‘Coincidences’ , opens this Saturday March 23 at Hugo Galerie in New York. Here are their words about Patrick and his work: “Pietropoli was a teacher of political […]...

chad wys

Be still my crystal-loving heart! I have written about American artist Chad Wys a bunch of times over the years, but how on earth did I miss these rock-covered beauties from 2014 All of this work is from Chad’s ongoing “ready made” series in which he adds his own contemporary touch to relics from the […]...

wang & söderström

Okay, I need to touch all of these things… shiny, smooth, spiky, ALL OF IT. These bizarre still-life vignettes are the work of Wang & Söderström, a collaborative duo made up of Swedish spatial and furniture designer Anny Wang and architect Tim Söderström. They do all sorts of fabulous projects together, and strive to “create mind tickling […]...

masako miki

Gasp! I love everything about this… lips on legs and play-dough like shapes on a grand scale Yes, yes, YES. I wrote about the fabulous work of Japanese born, San Francisco based artist Masako Miki way back in 2013 and in 2011, but my goodness, the evolution of her work is astounding! If you happen to […]...

ik lab : tulum

Um, yes, I need to go here immediately! This insanely beautiful, treehouse-looking fantasy is an art gallery in Mexico. That’s right, I said gallery. IK LAB, is a piece of art in itself {which, btw, was originally co-initiated by Santiago Rumney Guggenheim, the great grandson of Peggy Guggenheim} … okay, this just keeps getting better! Seriously, if […]...

pekka niittyvirta & timo aho

This gave me chills. Can you guess what that blinding band of light represents “The installation explores the the catastrophic impact of our relationship with nature and its long term effects. The work provokes a dialogue on how the rising sea levels will affect coastal areas, its inhabitants and land usage in the future. This […]...

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