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mimi o chun

Gigantic hands Yes please. This is the fabulous work of Brooklyn based artist Mimi O Chun. All of her work is fantastic {so yes, I’ve already arranged to have her on an upcoming podcast episode!}, but today I wanted to share her series, titled Manu Propria (Latin for with one’s own hand). It “consists of soft […]...

lola gil

Oh. YES. So weird, so gorgeous. I feel like each one of these pieces, by American artist Lola Gil, is like a bizarre dream that gets even more bizarre when you try to describe it to someone the next day… “and then I pulled this cowboy-covered wallpaper drawer out of my chest. Anywho.” Here is […]...

“the tea boy sees mermaids”

That is British born, California based artist Richard Holland. I don’t know which I love more… the self portrait or the fabulous hand-built frame that houses the self portrait! I’ve written about Richard before, but we met in person last weekend and it only took a few minutes of chatting with this kind, insightful artist – […]...

pilar mehlis

Beautiful and bizarre… ah yes, one of my favorite combinations! I don’t know what I love best, but those delicate legs made from dress pattern tissue are at the top of my list. This is the work of Canada based artist Pilar Mehlis, and this is why she puts legs on fish: “At the age […]...

clare celeste börsch

A post shared by Clare Celeste Börsch (@clarecelesteart) on Nov 10, 2018 at 10:13am PST Gasp! She’s done it again… an immersive collage! This is “The Mushroom Hunters” by Berlin based American artist Clare Celeste Börsch. Can you imagine jumping around INSIDE a collage That’s the kind of thing my dreams are made of. Well, minus […]...

lorien stern

Those vases… I mean, COME ON! I’ve written about her ceramic sharks, but today is all about American artist Lorien Stern‘s ghosts! I love everything Lorien makes and, if you happen to be in San Francisco, you can see her newest show / pop-up shop … it opens THIS FRIDAY November 9th at Rare Device. […]...

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