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crissy arseneau

Oh, the dreamy, cloud-filled collage work of Vancouver based artist Crissy Arseneau. These pieces {and a few #wips from her Instagram feed} are from two of Crissy’s most recent series: Cloud City and Suspended in a Sunbeam. See Super dreamy. Her shapes, color choices, and the way she weaves hard lines into curvy clouds makes […]...

sabrina garrasi

“Watercolour, Ink and Pigments on “Amalfi” handmade cotton paper” … sigh. This is the elegant work of Italian artist Sabrina Garrasi. Those inky lines, stone-like textures, and bold shapes… Stun. Ning. Happy Monday....

audun grimstad

Gasp! Perfect folding / flowing fabric, and abstract shapes filled with vibrant candy-colored gradients. This is the breathtaking work of Norwegian artist Audun Grimstad. All of these oil paintings {um yes, OIL PAINTINGS} are part of his most recent series: ” … “Body Cage” plays with elements of fashion design — ornate garments, lush spaces, bold […]...

daisy patton

Doesn’t that last piece make you want to call your BFF Or paint Or paint with your BFF This is the work of American artist Daisy Patton. Watching her career flourish over the last few years has been so inspiring… she pushes her work every time she steps up to one of those giant panels. […]...

emily moore

I’m flying to Aspen today for a show that opens tomorrow night {see Monday’s post}, and oh my goodness, this gorgeous work is definitely setting the mood. These are just a few recent pieces {acrylic, gesso, graphite, enamel on panel} by Scottish artist Emily Moore. Mountains, chalets, and snowy vistas fill her dreamy 2018 portfolio. […]...

ronald jackson

Gasp! This is the large-scale, absolutely breathtaking work of American artist Ronald Jackson… and yes, that’s Ashley Longshore peeking up behind two of his pieces. I was just scrolling through Instagram {as you do} and saw her post about her latest, and very smart, art acquisition – !!! – Clearly, I dropped everything and wrote about […]...

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