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colette fu

You didn’t see that coming, did you! Collaged pop-up books are already fabulous, but then, hold on, what’s that, is it … a gigantic pop-up book installation!! Yes, yes, a thousand times yes! This is the work of Colette Fu. She is one of the artists in the “pa•per” show {that opens at Paradigm Gallery, Philadelphia on […]...

pa-per {a group show}

A 15 artist exhibition celebrating all things “pa•per”, and this isn’t even half of them! From insane paper-cutting pieces and embossed bodies, to ‘knife drawings’ and found image collage… Paradigm Gallery in Philadelphia has put together an exciting and eclectic show titled, yes, “pa•per” , and I am beyond thrilled to be one of the artists in this […]...

mé collective

Gasp! A big, beautiful, very solid “wave” that, because of the window behind it, looks like it’s moving as the light finds its way across the undulating ripples. This piece, titled Contact, is the work of Japanese collective, Mé.  The group is headed by Haruka Kojin, directed by Kenji Minamigawa, and the production manager is […]...

worthy of worth, part 2

On November 25, 2018 I wrote a post about WORTH – more specifically, feeling WORTHY OF WORTH. That post was the result of the first few months of my book tour for “A Big Important Art Book – Now with Women”. I’d noticed a recurring theme of people – especially artists – not believing they were […]...

liza lou

Glass. Beads. Millions of glass beads… and in the case of that white “rope”, a “Continuous Mile” of glass beads. This is the absolutely stunning work of Los Angeles based artist Liza Lou. According to her website, Liza “utilizes glass beads as an index of intensive labor”. Mission accomplished....

cindy rizza

Sigh. Are you thinking about your grandmother right now Me too. Oh, so many feelings, memories, smells … and these aren’t even my blankets! That is the magic of nostalgia, and when you combine beautifully boring subject matter with the insane oil painting skills of New Hampshire based artist Cindy Rizza, well, here we are. I wrote about […]...

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