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  • Glaze & Bisque Cutter each

    Glaze & Bisque Cutter each
    For difficult ceramic cutting jobs. A remarkably tough 6 in. steel rod coated with tungsten carbide particles. Tool cuts through glaze, bisque, tile, etc. Wood ...(more)

    $4.39 More Details
  • Cleanup Tools K23 6 in.

    Cleanup Tools K23 6 in.
    This double-ended tool is primarily used to clean up slip-cast greenware by removing imperfections (seamlines and mold marks) and enhancing sharpening cast-in d...(more)

    $3.49 More Details
  • Rose Cutter Set set of 5

    Rose Cutter Set set of 5
    This set consists of five round cutters and instructions for use. The cutters are used in the same manner as a cookie cutter on rolled-out clay to make round pa...(more)

    $10.29 More Details
  • Texturing Dry Brush 6 1 2 in.

    Texturing Dry Brush 6 1 2 in.
    This tool has stiff, coarse bristles for use on hard, dry greenware. Use this for more subtle textures on large areas of greenware. The brush is made with stain...(more)

    $4.49 More Details
  • Basic Tool basic tool

    Basic Tool basic tool
    This is a 7 1/2 in. all-wood tool that is sharp and pointed on one end and square and flat on the other. It is used for modeling in soft clay, for cleaning hard...(more)

    $1.79 More Details
  • Ceramic Tool Kit set of 7

    Ceramic Tool Kit set of 7
    The seven most practical and popular Kemper tools for ceramists. The complete tool kit contains one each: wire loop sgraffito, cleanup tool, cut out tool, palet...(more)

    $18.59 More Details
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