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Ceramics News:

NSG’s New Plant for Solar Applications Draws the Most Reader Interest

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Readers Most Drawn to Superior Technical Ceramics Acquisition

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New NSG Plant in Argentina Draws Most Reader Interest

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Readers Clearly Interested in Toyota’s Use of NSG Anti-Fog Glass

Does your company provide glass or ceramic components for the automotive industry What trends are you seeing in the market...

Readers Most Drawn to Höganäs Acquisition of H.C. Starck Division

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HarbisonWalker Plant Opening Generates Massive Interest

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  • Glaze & Bisque Cutter each

    Glaze & Bisque Cutter each
    For difficult ceramic cutting jobs. A remarkably tough 6 in. steel rod coated with tungsten carbide particles. Tool cuts through glaze, bisque, tile, etc. Wood ...(more)

    $4.39 More Details
  • Cleanup Tools K23 6 in.

    Cleanup Tools K23 6 in.
    This double-ended tool is primarily used to clean up slip-cast greenware by removing imperfections (seamlines and mold marks) and enhancing sharpening cast-in d...(more)

    $3.49 More Details
  • Rose Cutter Set set of 5

    Rose Cutter Set set of 5
    This set consists of five round cutters and instructions for use. The cutters are used in the same manner as a cookie cutter on rolled-out clay to make round pa...(more)

    $10.29 More Details
  • Texturing Dry Brush 6 1 2 in.

    Texturing Dry Brush 6 1 2 in.
    This tool has stiff, coarse bristles for use on hard, dry greenware. Use this for more subtle textures on large areas of greenware. The brush is made with stain...(more)

    $4.49 More Details
  • Basic Tool basic tool

    Basic Tool basic tool
    This is a 7 1/2 in. all-wood tool that is sharp and pointed on one end and square and flat on the other. It is used for modeling in soft clay, for cleaning hard...(more)

    $1.79 More Details
  • Ceramic Tool Kit set of 7

    Ceramic Tool Kit set of 7
    The seven most practical and popular Kemper tools for ceramists. The complete tool kit contains one each: wire loop sgraffito, cleanup tool, cut out tool, palet...(more)

    $18.59 More Details
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