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Ceramics News:

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Search results for "Ceramics - Needle and Sgraffito Tools"

  • Kemper Double Ball Stylus Embossing Tools

    Kemper Double Ball Stylus Embossing Tools
    For sgraffito, embossing, and tole painting. Use with polymer clay for drawing smooth lines and decorations before baking. Ball ends of stainless steel, set in ...(more)

    $3.37 More Details
  • Kemper Clay Drill

    Kemper Clay Drill
    The easy, economical way to create many hole sizes with one tool! Each notch represents diameters from 1/16 to 3/4. Made of high quality steel, with a secure-gr...(more)

    $3.49 More Details
  • Pro Needle Tool

    Pro Needle Tool
    For cutting heavy clay strips or designs in clay, making holes, or piercing the first primary hole in beads. Large, sharp needle is firmly set in aluminum handl...(more)

    $3.19 More Details