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Crafts News:

Dancing between Spectacular and Ordinary

Photographer Paul Weinberg recounts his career of documenting apartheid in South Africa. Alongside photographer David Goldblatt, Weinberg discusses the cultural climate around documentary photography with the group Afrapix, and his other series of indigenous peoples in light of apartheid....

To Evoke Emotion

Art21 Educator Dennis Greenwell shares an exercise that encouraged students to explore and embrace emotional reactions to artwork....


For an art form so daring, defiant, and overwhelmingly public as graffiti, it is too often dismissed, ignored, and (in some cases) made invisible, disappearing into the barrage of visual information around it. Encompassing everything from large-than-life paintings to train tags or the scratching of one’s moniker into an air-conditioner grill, graffiti both animates and disrupts our landscape. This way of working was at the heart of Margaret Kilgallen’s practice. ...

Landscape and Inquiry

Art21 Educator Dennis Greenwell screened the Extended Play film Julie Mehretu: Politicized Landscapes and shares the inspiring classroom discussion and activity that ensued as a result....

Black Mentifact

Artist and curator Tiona Nekkia McClodden visited Kevin Beasleys exhibition A view of a landscape with her mother, sparking a conversation about labor, cotton, and family history. McClodden shares how her creative practice is influenced by these histories and the exploration of black mentifact....

Family Business

Caribbean culture is such a large part of New York City but is still under-represented––Lucia Hierro recites her path to becoming an artist. From investigating the cultural histories not readily available in the ivy league arts education, to vindicating a career in the arts to her family, Hierro has always used imagery to bridge the gap....

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  • Neopaque Colors red

    Neopaque Colors red
    These light body, opaque acrylics are designed to cover dark backgrounds with a light application. On light backgrounds they produce a subtle -designer palette-...(more)

    $4.19 More Details
  • Textile Colors violet

    Textile Colors violet
    Jacquard Textile Colors leave fabric as soft as possible. Ready for direct application, Textile Colors can be applied with a brush, stamp, squirt bottle, airbru...(more)

    $2.85 More Details
  • Green Label Silk Colors cyan

    Green Label Silk Colors cyan
    Jacquard Green Label Silk Colors are true dyes, not thinned pigments, so they do not stiffen the silk or cover the luster. They are used to dye silk & wool. All...(more)

    $3.09 More Details
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