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Crafts News:

Teaching as a Collaborator

Educator Alisa Rodny shares a strategy ...


Art 21 Executive Director, Tina Kukielski introduces the Fall 2018 Issue: AGENCY. ...

The Issue Of Perspective

Lerato Dumse is a journalist and director of Du Love Media. She focuses her reporting on political realities facing Black lesbians in South Africa. Dumse is a co-facilitator of the 201718 Photo XP, training fellow Black lesbians from various townships in writing and photography....

Baltimore Children Get Silk-Screening Lesson from Mark Bradford, Mary Mattingly Takes Over BRIC & More

A look at this this weeks art news, including Mark Bradfords new community-centered project in Baltimore....

Whose Speech? Artists, Activists, & Being Heard: A Conversation Between Stephanie Syjuco & Astria Suparak

In this special extended interview, artist Stephanie Syjuco and curator Astria Suparak discuss the role of speech and protest in contemporary art and how working as women of color affect their ability to be heard. ...

Another Country

Thirteen summers since the original convening of the Black Lunch Table (BLT), the projects founders Heather Hart and Jina Valentine reconvene many of the original participants to discuss the projects history and evolution and consider its future trajectory. ...

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  • Neopaque Colors red

    Neopaque Colors red
    These light body, opaque acrylics are designed to cover dark backgrounds with a light application. On light backgrounds they produce a subtle -designer palette-...(more)

    $4.19 More Details
  • Textile Colors violet

    Textile Colors violet
    Jacquard Textile Colors leave fabric as soft as possible. Ready for direct application, Textile Colors can be applied with a brush, stamp, squirt bottle, airbru...(more)

    $2.85 More Details
  • Green Label Silk Colors cyan

    Green Label Silk Colors cyan
    Jacquard Green Label Silk Colors are true dyes, not thinned pigments, so they do not stiffen the silk or cover the luster. They are used to dye silk & wool. All...(more)

    $3.09 More Details
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