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Agency in the Classroom: Who Makes the Decisions?

One of my big teaching objectives is to give as much control over decisions to my students as I can, says Art21 Educator Alisa Rodny of her approach in the classroom. In this article, Rodny shares anecdotes of two students who drew inspiration from their recent immigration from Cape Verde, using mixed media and mural art techniques in their creative expression. ...

Making Important Choices

Educator Joe Fusaro folds Season 9 of Art in the Twenty-First Century into this years curriculum. Using Creative Growth Art Center, Olafur Elliason and Robin Rhode as examples, Fusaro cites how these artists and organizations force students to think critically about how the arts can demystify stereotypes and contribute to social change. Our newest feature of Teaching with Contemporary Art....

Waiting To See What I Would Become

Interviewed by Art 21 founder, Susan Sollins, South African artists William Kentridge discusses how his family history in politics and previous employment in the film industry influenced his animations. ...

Biography is Complicated

Catherine Morris, Senior Curator for the Elizabeth A. Sackler Center for Feminist Art at the Brooklyn Museum, surveys the career and contributions of contemporary artist, Judith Scott; a celebrated artist who also suffered from Down syndrome. ...

The Issue Of Perspective

Lerato Dumse is a journalist and director of Du Love Media. She focuses her reporting on political realities facing Black lesbians in South Africa. Dumse is a co-facilitator of the 201718 Photo XP, training fellow Black lesbians from various townships in writing and photography....

Teaching as a Collaborator

Art21 Educator, Alisa Rodny, shares an assignment she developed where students partner with an artist from the Art21 archive and collaborate on a piece using their style as model. A process that results in Rodny learning as much about her students as they are from the artists!...

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