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Confronting Your Professional Legacy: David Paul Bayles (Podcast)

Last fall I received an email from David Paul Bayles, who was a member of my class at the time. The email read, in part: Recently The Bancroft Library at UC Berkeley (third largest special collections library in the U.S.) created The David Paul Bayles Photographic Archive to create a home for my lifeís work. I am driving down to meet with them on Monday to place a large number of prints and oral history audio files into the Archive. Whoa. How cool is that A major institution deemed Davidís work ...

The Career Journey of Growth-Minded Artists

One of the most-used business metaphors is the ladder of success. With this metaphor itís assumed that you start at the bottom and work your way to the top rung in a predictable, progressive fashion. Wouldnít it be easy if you always knew your next steps But this isnít how your business works. Think about it. Whatís at the bottom of the ladder of success What is the progression of steps And, most importantly, what in the world happens when you get to the top When you get to the top, are you fini...

Dysfunctional v. Healthy Artist Organizations

Iíve been encouraging artists to join artist organizations for my entire career, but the truth is that not all organizations are created equal. And before you go thinking that you should start your own, let me say this: the world does not need more artist organizations. The world needs better artist organizations - organizations with powerful visions and commitment to serving their artists. To be clear, Iím not talking about organizations for hobbyists. Those serve a separate and noble purpose, ...

How to Project Confidence (Even If You Have to Fake It)

You are more likely to get the commission, sell the work, fill your classes, and have your proposal accepted if we believe in you. And we are more likely to believe in you if you believe in yourself and your art. Confidence is one of the most collector-attractive qualities an artist can possess. And, yet, doubt and fear are endemic in artistsí lives. To move beyond these demons, it might first be comforting to reread that last sentence. Itís endemic. You are not alone. Many, if not most, artists...

Whoís Who in the Art Museum

If itís on your bucket list to schedule a museum exhibition, volunteer or work at a museum, or see your art in a museum collection, you will benefit if you understand how a museum administration is structured. While I havent been part of the museum world since 2001, I am confident that what I share below can still be helpful to you. Keep in mind, however, that not all museums operate the same way, and there is a vast difference between how small and large museum personnel divide their responsibi...

Taking Perfectly Imperfect Action

You know that Iím all about action. My book, Iíd Rather Be in the Studio, is broken up into actions rather than chapters. While Iím a champion of moving forward, I also slow down to read, research, and learn, which is crucial because my superpower is teaching. While I could easily bliss out on months of research, the fact is, at some point (not too late in the process), the learning phase must make room for the action phase. No matter how much you research, it doesnít do you any good until you p...

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