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Painting News:

Max Seckel’s Absorbing Mixed-Media Environments

Max Seckel’s dwellings and landscapes, rendered in acrylics, gouache, latex, and spraypaint, invite viewers to make their own observations. The New Orleans painter rendered his lived-in environments without depicting any figures in his works. Yet, in each, there’s a certain humanity depicted and reflection inspired. More...

Clive Head’s Nonlinear, Painted Narratives

Instead of capturing a single moment in time, Clive Head’s oil paintings reveal multiple perspectives and actions within a single setting. Tracking a complete, single figure within works like “To the Silence of Tiresias,” below, is difficult, yet the broader humanity of that place and a wider timeframe are revealed upon inspection.More...

The Distorted Wood Sculptures of Kiko Miyares

The wooden sculptures of Kiko Miyares appear as distortions of the human figure, with viewers often circling the work in disbelief. While some of his work is horizontal, the majority of his work vertically transforms the body into a new, perception-challenging object. His toying with color further pushes the surrealism of each subject.More...

The Startling Murals and Drawings of Caratoes

There’s both an elegance and jarring quality in the otherworldly creations of Caratoes. The artist shares these disfigured characters in both murals and gallery works, moving between monochromatic and vibrant hues. The artist had a recent installation at Superchief Gallery’s Miami location during Miami Art Week.More...

Nora Unda’s Creatures Reflect on Manipulation of Nature

Nora Unda’s otherworldly animals are inspired by our real-world manipulation of the natural world. The plasticine creatures appear with multiple heads, or elsewhere, without any at all, existing as both graceful and disturbing creations. The author offers some insight into both her process and her driving themes. More...

Simon Fensholm’s Expressive, Uninhibited Scenes

From Simon Fensholm’s distinct, swirling strokes, vulnerable portraits and scenes emerge. The oil painter, based in Copenhagen, creates works that are both expressive and observant, finding a humanity in their otherworldly forms. More...

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