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Felix Dolahís Diluted Charcoal Drawings

Felix Dolah uses diluted charcoal to craft his minimalist, ghostly drawings. These figures, often gangly and dilapidated, come in sparse singular or as heaps of crowded, writhing characters. Elsewhere, he applies the same material to photographs, adding grim accents to archival images. Hes said that although early in life, he drew knights and monsters, now I draw more monsters than knights.More...

The Motion Graphic Portraits of Kouhei Nakama

What makes Kouhei Nakamaís animations tantalizing is how each builds or deconstructs the face with alien processes. Theyíre comprised of swarming creatures or layers of liquid skin melting off a smiling face. In an era when every digital design student is showing off their realistic renders, Nakamaís artistry offers the unexpected in his engrossing portraits.More...

Baptiste Hersocís Drawings Combine Disparate Elements

Baptiste Hersocís drawings and paintings merge unlikely objects and organic parts, with both humorous and ghastly results. The artist has both illustration and fine art practices, with book contributions, magazine projects, and regular collaborations. His ďIntrospectionĒ series uses the human body as its theme.More...

Origami Used to Create ĎLavaí in Spain Festival

More than 10,000 pieces of origami, strategic lighting, and a smoke machine were used to create ďlavaĒ on an abandoned building in Spainís Catalan region. During the annual LluŤrnia Festival, a celebration of fire and light, David Oliva of SP25 Arquitectura and Anna Juncŗ of Atelier 4 combined their talents to create the display. More...

Seamus Conleyís Work Traverses Digital Fantasy, Reality

Seamus Conleys recent oil paintings offer a convergence of reality and digital fantasy. In that latter worldóand in materialismóthereís a hope for fulfillment that Conley explores. His recent body of work is currently on display at Andrea Schwartz Gallery, in a show that runs through Dec. 21.More...

Mary OíMalleyís ĎSalvagedí Porcelain Sculptures

Mary OMalleys recent ceramic work appears as a dining set salvaged from wreckage scattered along the seafloor. In her current show at Arch Enemy Arts, A Seat at the Table, her work is presented as a full-room installation in which a dining service is set. At the artistís hands, porcelain, glaze, and gold become a convincing display of the organic overtaking high-class artifacts. More...

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